Articles tagged with Tips.

  • Jun 20

    Making Responsive Web Design Optional

    Discover how to add a Media Queries toggle button to your site using jQuery.

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  • May 25

    Fixing "Unable to allocate memory for pool" PHP error in Magento

    Having Magento problems? This solution may help get you up and running again!

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  • Jan 19

    Are Template Clubs Losing The Plot?

    My opinion on the growing trend amongst template clubs of adding too much "bloat" to templates, and why they should be carefully considered.

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  • Nov 23

    Advanced WordPress sub-navigation using wp_list_pages

    I present a technique for layered navigation/split menus in WordPress.

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  • Mar 05

    Disabling Google Analytics for front-end Administrators in Joomla

    Stop your Joomla site administrators from being tracked in Google Analytics with this simple snippet of code.

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  • Mar 03

    Advanced Techniques: The Joomla Parent Menu ItemID

    Using Joomla's getMenu() function to apply top-level cascading styling for parent menus.

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  • Jan 20

    Advanced Techniques: Mass Settings Changes In Joomla!

    This article describes how you can perform mass settings changes in Joomla using a simple MySQL query.

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  • Oct 06

    How to Delete Test Orders and Reset Counters in Magento

    What happens when you want to launch a new Magento site and you're stuck with dozens of undesirable test orders?

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  • Sep 29

    Moving a Magento Installation

    How to move a Magento installation from one server/domain to another, and deal with the problems you may experience.

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  • Sep 23

    Hiding your WordPress development site on a live server

    One plugin-free method for hiding your in-development WordPress site from public view whilst you work on it.

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  • Sep 21

    Scheduling a MySQL Database Backup on your VPS

    How to create a scheduled script to backup your VPS site files and databases using CRON.

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