Articles tagged with Development.

  • Jun 20

    Making Responsive Web Design Optional

    Discover how to add a Media Queries toggle button to your site using jQuery.

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  • May 25

    Fixing "Unable to allocate memory for pool" PHP error in Magento

    Having Magento problems? This solution may help get you up and running again!

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  • Mar 08

    CSS3 Experiments #2: Polaroids

    Learn how to make Polaroid-style images complete with 3D shadows using only CSS.

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  • Mar 06

    CSS3 Experiments #1: 3D Gradient Box

    Discover how to make your own 3D box using gradients and shadows with the power of CSS.

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  • Nov 23

    Advanced WordPress sub-navigation using wp_list_pages

    I present a technique for layered navigation/split menus in WordPress.

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  • Mar 05

    Disabling Google Analytics for front-end Administrators in Joomla

    Stop your Joomla site administrators from being tracked in Google Analytics with this simple snippet of code.

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  • Mar 03

    Advanced Techniques: The Joomla Parent Menu ItemID

    Using Joomla's getMenu() function to apply top-level cascading styling for parent menus.

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  • Jan 27

    Ten Useful Mac Apps For Web Development

    We've compiled a list of our most used development-centric applications for Mac - here's our top ten!

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  • Jan 20

    Advanced Techniques: Mass Settings Changes In Joomla!

    This article describes how you can perform mass settings changes in Joomla using a simple MySQL query.

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  • Jan 04

    Anatomy of a Newsletter

    This article describes the basics for turning your newsletter designs into functional newsletters.

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  • Oct 30

    Calling all Joomla! Developers…

    A look at AllTogetherAsAWhole (ATAAW) - the unofficial Joomla developer community portal.

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  • Sep 23

    Hiding your WordPress development site on a live server

    One plugin-free method for hiding your in-development WordPress site from public view whilst you work on it.

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