eCommerce with Shopify

eCommerce with Shopify

What is “Shopify”?

Shopify is a hosted e-commerce platform – a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) product. This means that the environment in which the store runs is managed entirely by Shopify – the platform, hosting, checkout and security is all taken care of for you. You pay Shopify a small monthly fee (which is very favourable compared with the cost of decent e-commerce hosting alone) plus a percentage of each transaction (which varies depending on which plan you choose, see below for more information).

All aspects of a normal e-commerce environment are covered – from product management to secure credit card processing, and it’s all wrapped up in Shopify’s incredible powerful and easy-to-use administration interface.

The Benefits of a Hosted System

As a web-based product, there is no software to install, no complex configuration to do, and you don’t need to worry about upgrades and ongoing maintenance either with the platform itself or with the server. Shopify uses a powerful cloud hosted environment to ensure maximum performance and availability, plus amazing customer support if you have any technical queries.

Why We Like Shopify

One of the most important aspects of our work is ensuring that clients are able to effectively manage almost all aspects of a website without compromise. Shopify’s administration panel is incredibly easy-to-use, even for non-technical users; it’s deceptively simple on the outside for what is an immensely powerful tool for managing all aspects of your online shop.

Developing for Shopify is also immensely satisfying – we’ve used other SaaS e-commerce platforms in the past (Magento Go, Actinic Online) and the level of customization offered within Shopify is unprecedented – seriously, nothing comes close. From a design perspective, there is very little in the way of limitations and dubious hacks and workarounds simply are not required.

What We Offer

As with all of our services, we offer a full-service package to design and develop your Shopify store, including:

  • Full custom design/theming of all shop pages
    We’ll listen to what you like, and include you in the design process so we get everything just right.
  • Development and implementation/configuration of the approved theme
    We build all of our themes from scratch, so they are developed especially for your store’s requirements.
  • Fully Responsive Development
    All of our designs are build to be responsive and completely mobile-ready. We also make sure the site is compatible with older browsers.
  • Implementation of your Catalogue & “Collections” (categories)
    We’ll add all your products into the system and make sure they are categorised as you need them to be.
  • Setup and configuration of the shop system
    All the required setup options will be taken care of, from the site navigation to the payment systems.
  • Migration Assistance
    Moving from an existing site? We’ll help you manage the process of configuring your domains and setting up redirects to the new pages so your Google rankings won’t be affected.