Hosting Application Form

Hosting Application Form

Thank you for your interest in a Cloud Hosting account with Toolbox Digital. Please ensure you read the terms of use below before completing your application. We reserve the right to amend these terms at any time.

For the latest Terms of Use, please see


1. Hosting accounts will be billed annually from the date you set up and account with us. You are welcome to cancel an account at any time, but pro-rata refunds for remaining terms will not be refunded.

2. Renewal invoices are generated 21-30 days in advance and sent to your registered e-mail address. It is your responsibility to ensure this e-mail address is kept up to date and can receive emails from us.

3. It is important that we receive payment on time. All services must be paid for by the due date shown on the invoice unless a written adjustment has been agreed. Failure to complete payment after this time will result in an automatic reminder when the invoice is overdue, and automatic account suspension should the invoice remain unpaid for more than 3 days. This applies to all hosting accounts, VDS and Dedicated servers.

4. If an invoice is unpaid, the related service will be suspended until such time that payment is received and you inform us by email that you have paid. At this point we will use all reasonable endeavours to restore service within 24 hours.

5. We reserve the right to alter our prices at any time and will notify you of any alteration by providing you with a written notice. Notice of any price alteration will be sent via e mail to the e mail address that we hold for you in our account. If you have already purchased a particular service then the price alteration will only become effective when the service reaches the end of its current term.


6. Account usage is checked frequently. All accounts will receive notification when bandwidth usage is nearing the account’s limit. If you go over your monthly usage limit (either bandwidth or storage), you will be invited to upgrade to the next tier of hosting or must reduce your usage in line with your package. Failure to do so may result in account suspension or additional charges.

7. If not specifically stated to the contrary, our services are intended to be used for the purposes of hosting websites and e-mail. Batch processing, video encoding/transcoding, web crawling/spidering, archiving and online backup systems and any system designed to consume CPU or disk resources for purposes other than hosting a website are not permitted on our shared hosting servers. However you may use such tools on a VDS or dedicated server. We reserve the right to enact defensive movements to maintain the stability of our systems for all clients.

Change of Details

8. We have the right to change any username or password allocated to you for the purpose of essential network maintenance, enhancement modernisation or other work deemed necessary to the operation of the Internet.

9. Similarly, we have the right to alter the hosting environment your site runs in to one with like-for-like features, as long as reasonable notice is given and there is no disruption to service. The only reason we would do this is if it represented an ‘upgraded’ environment for you, the end user.


10. The service provides is primarily intended for hosting websites. The service does have a robust and fully-functional email system which you are, of course, free to use, on the condition that extended support for email is not included in your package.

11. We will provide support for email services using the built-in webmail service only. We do not provide any support or assistance with remote/3rd party email client setup, configuration, or problems unless they are related to a hosting service fault. This means we are unable to assist you when setting up email on a PC/Mac or mobile device. It is your responsibility to set up email correctly on such devices – if you are unsure, you will need to consult a qualified IT engineer to assist.

12. Please note that external email backup is not included in any of our hosting accounts.

13. We highly recommend using an external, supported email system for corporate email.

14. Additional charges may apply if we investigate email issues on your behalf which are not service-related.

Name Servers

15. If you choose to have your domain under out control (using our name servers) then you will have full access to configure the name servers, in order to setup external services and subdomains. This feature is provided without warranty or service, and may incur additional charges to make changes on your behalf. Please note that Name Server changes can take up to 72 hours to fully propagate.

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