Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloud Hosting Platform

Our Cloud Hosting Platform provides speed and reliability at incredibly low prices. Cloud hosting is suitable for any website – and boasts effective load balancing, meaning spikes in traffic or server load are easily coped with.

Coupled with our off-site backup system, you’ll have complete peace-of-mind in case of any disasters.

Cloud Hosting – Prices

We offer three levels of service to choose from.  Which one you choose depends on your website’s requirements, such as storage space and monthly bandwidth.  You can upgrade/downgrade your package at any time you choose.

Off-site Backup Service

Our backup service is the perfect compliment to any cloud hosting package, give you complete peace-of-mind.  We will set-up, manage, and monitor the backups for you to ensure all is running smoothly.

Please note that backups do use your monthly backup allowance, so bear this in mind when choosing a hosting package.

Please see our Hosting Terms of Use before applying for a hosting account.