Thoughts and musings.

  • Jan 04

    Anatomy of a Newsletter

    This article describes the basics for turning your newsletter designs into functional newsletters.

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  • Oct 30

    Calling all Joomla! Developers…

    A look at AllTogetherAsAWhole (ATAAW) - the unofficial Joomla developer community portal.

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  • Oct 06

    How to Delete Test Orders and Reset Counters in Magento

    What happens when you want to launch a new Magento site and you're stuck with dozens of undesirable test orders?

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  • Sep 29

    Moving a Magento Installation

    How to move a Magento installation from one server/domain to another, and deal with the problems you may experience.

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  • Sep 23

    Hiding your WordPress development site on a live server

    One plugin-free method for hiding your in-development WordPress site from public view whilst you work on it.

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  • Sep 21

    Scheduling a MySQL Database Backup on your VPS

    How to create a scheduled script to backup your VPS site files and databases using CRON.

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