Ten Useful Mac Apps For Web Development

We've compiled a list of our most used development-centric applications for Mac - here's our top ten!

Posted on January 27, 2010 One comment

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We've compiled a list of our most used development-centric applications for Mac, from coding to design tools – here are our ten favourites!

Panic Coda

Web: panic.com/coda | License: Commercial, $99


All the coding tools you could need in one place, including syntax-highlighted editing of all major code-types such as PHP, CSS, HTML, Ruby, Javascript, XML and more. I particularly love the excellent Site Manager which stores all of your sites in one place and provide easy access for direct, live editing of the site code using FTP, and the clips manager that serves as a snippets repository for reusable code.


Web: filezilla-project.org | License: Free


Simple to use and packed with great features – one of the best free FTP clients out there.

Adobe Fireworks

Web: www.adobe.com/products/fireworks | License: Commercial, ~$299


Easy to use graphics editor with the best support for PNGs for web use. Build rapid designs and slice them up ready to build into a template. Fireworks can also handle (most) Photoshop PSDs with ease, so it's particularly useful if you work with designers who prefer to work in Photoshop.

VMware Fusion

Web: www.vmware.com/products/fusion | License: Commercial, $79.99

vmware fusion

Set-up multiple operating systems which can be run in OS X without needing to reboot. Essential for effective cross-browser testing.


Web: www.mamp.info | License: Free (Pro version: £39)


Localhost server environment to enable fast, live development – provides a one-click server running Apache, PHP and MySQL.


Web: docs.blacktree.com/quicksilver/quicksilver | License: Free


Quickly access all of your applications at the touch of a button – no more searching around in your Apps folder!

Apple Time Machine

Web: www.apple.com/macosx/what-is-macosx/time-machine.html | License: Free (ships with Mac OS X)

time machine

The perfect incremental backup solution – and best of all, ships with OS X and is seamlessly integrated. Just add an external disk drive!


Web: macitbetter.com | License: Shareware, $19.95


Brilliant archive utility offering a variety of formats and and easy-to-use interface.


Web: www.skype.com | License: Free


Communicate with worldwide clients for free, or add a real phone number without needing a physical phone line.


Web: www.jumsoft.com/process | License: Shareware, $39


Useful task-list and project tracking.

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    Thanks for the ten useful mac apps that you had been shared. I gathered lots of useful information through it. I always keep in touch on your post so that I can have more on it.

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